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Episode III DVD
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Author:  aDam [ Tue Nov 01, 2005 10:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Episode III DVD

Picked mine up at Future Shop and got a free t-shirt.

I couldn't believe that both Future Shop and Best Buy were sold out when I went by. Glad I preordered.

Wal-Mart in the US had a deal where you got a free bonus disc when you bought the movie. This eeal is either not valid in Canada or they were all sold out when I got there.

The DVD is good. Though the menus are annoying by reusing music from the episode II DVD and the scene selection menus are as retarded as the episode I DVD!

Some cool deleted scenes in there though. Haven't watched all the other featurettes.

And don't watch the commentary on the deleted scenes. God damn George Lucas give stupid commentary on his deleted scenes. "this was deleted because of pacing..." and then he explains what you're about to watch so that you're nice and spoiled. The worst was the episode I DVD where he got in a bunch of filmakers who had nothing to do with Star Wars to give their own explanation of what a deleted scene is. God...

Author:  T Rex [ Mon Nov 07, 2005 10:05 pm ]
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watch the audio commentary. it's really interesting to heard the perspective on this films.

Author:  aDam [ Tue Nov 08, 2005 12:57 am ]
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If it's anything like the episode I commentary I'm sure it sucked balls.

Author:  Destron [ Thu Nov 10, 2005 12:04 pm ]
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balls are so sucked I've now got me one of them there vurjinahz

Author:  aDam [ Thu Nov 10, 2005 6:13 pm ]
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o_O; Sucked in or sucked out?

Author:  Destron [ Sun Nov 13, 2005 7:28 am ]
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mri shedualed for january... i've got some pressure against my lungs so I'm guessing in :oops:

Author:  T Rex [ Sun Nov 13, 2005 1:09 pm ]
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i hope you are healthy destron.

and the commentary for this movie is like the one for phantom menace but i like both.

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