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Special edition or bust
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Author:  aDam [ Fri May 24, 2002 8:56 am ]
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Have I ever mentioned my hatred for the special edition? Well it seems Lucas won't be releasing the original movies on DVD:

Fuck that shit. I'm sorry but Greedo didn't shoot first. Glad I got those laser discs.

Author:  Vindicator [ Thu May 30, 2002 9:52 pm ]
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We all knew once the word 'special' was in it, we'd never see the originals again.

Author:  aDam [ Fri May 31, 2002 8:27 am ]
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Well at the time I was so naive that I thought VHS was the only format there really was. I had a friend with laser disc but never gave it much thought. I was just cheesed there was no widescreen of the original. I can't believe I used to watch widescreen on VHS.

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