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What sucked more in Episode I?
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Author:  aDam [ Tue May 14, 2002 7:29 am ]
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I voted for the extended pod race scene. Why? Well the pod race scene was an abomination in the first place. A horrible display of special effect which do nothing to help the movie of Jar Jaresque proportions. So boring that I understood the whole thing where Jabba falls asleep during the race to be a witty commentary on how boring the scene was. So they go and extend it. Inexcusable! And the thing that pisses me off isn't so much the mere fact that they chose to extend the worst scene in the movie but that they chose to change anything at all. A DVD isn't meant to be a modified version of the movie. That's the exact reason for which I hate the "Special Edition" version of the Trilogy. Now if someone wants anything resembling a "pure" version of the film they have to either watch the VHS tape or get the Japanese Laser Disc (which has hard subtitles although not covering any of the picture I hear).

Author:  Wraithguardstarcaller52 [ Wed Jun 12, 2002 2:02 pm ]
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not to mention in the "specially fucked edition" of the trilogy he screwd up Hans charecter Compleatly
Han was supposed to be a Badguy, a Spice runner AKA DRUG SMUGGLER

the scene with the rodian greedo in the bar.... fuckign greedo shooting first?
fuck you george
when i was 5 and i saw A New Hope for the first time, that was my Favorite Scene, because it says, in 2 sentances
"yup, han is a totall badass, you shouldnt fuck with him"
and theres no question of it
at all
now han looks like a pussy waiting to Die, because he doesnt even have the balls to shoot a fucker holding a gun to him

i HATE you george!@!
special edition was Balls
fucking episode 1 was MORE BALLS

dont make me come in there George!! dont make me dammit!!

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